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Message Log:
><KC2UQB> test
><KD2BMU> test
><KA8SYX> Quick 40 CW sked requested? Is anyone available?
><UA0ZAY> C днём радиолюбителя!
><KG4HKE> new user to this site and chat items from the HRHG
><KE7FEG> WJ4CGR continued. As cut off, you can use it for helping someone sorta like a phone call does. and post links that are clickable.
><KE7FEG> WJ4CGR The chat group meets at 0100 or so utc monday morning. You can log into it 24/7 and chat if desired like to help someone and
><NO6O> Test de NO6O -- Santa Barbara, California -- DM04
><KF6QJD> Need help w/ Kenwood 261 A
><KD8LEB> test de kd8leb
><KC9XZ> I just found this cool
><W7PRG> tell us time in Zulu
><W7PRG> what time and freq for sun nite qso?
><WJ4CGR> what freq.& time for sun-night net est time zone
><KB9UMT> Looks good Joe and Thanks de kb9umt Don
><N8XCT> made some changes to the board and it forced anyone who'd logged in more than 30 days ago to be erase, so you'll have to relogin/repost your info
><N8XCT> test5
><N8XCT> test4
><N8XCT> test#3
><N8XCT> test #2
><AB9JB> test
><N8ASO> Looking for extra class study group/class in Saginaw Mi area